Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t Tunza be used by some individuals to maliciously turnish schools through the posts and board topics?

Tunza posts and board topics are meant for people to share information based on common interests. Tunza team will be keen on individuals who’s posts or topics have been reported as malicious and will take down the content created by the user or potentially suspend that user.

Why does a school have to submit proof of registration documents?

Tunza wants to make sure that the schools registered onto the platform are genuine and also ensure the school account is run by authentic school owners or administrators.

What kind of schools are listed on Tunza?

Currently Tunza will enlist kindergarten and primary schools however we shall gradually expand to cover secondary schools, tertiary institutions, specialised schools e.g. arts schools, talent and skills development schools among others

Where the Tunza operate?

Tunza currently operates in Uganda however we intend to gradually extend to East Africa and Africa at large.

Do schools pay to be enlisted on Tunza?

All basic features for schools are free for use by all enlisted schools on Tunza. These features include responding to tickets, creating events and e-circulars, commenting on schools boards and topics, reporting malicious users among others.

Do users pay to use Tunza?

Tunza is free for use to all signed up users. Users can follow schools, connect to other users, create topics and make comments/posts on the platform, create an issue tickets among others.