Tunza is an app that allows schools and parents to effectively communicate in a seamless and efficient way. The name is a Swahili word that means, “To raise” or “to nurture”. The app itself is a tool to enable them get a great value from a school for their child and also for a school to effectively operate and thus better service provision.


The feed is a list of posts and board topics created by users one is connected to and schools one is following. One can clap to a post as sign of approval or multi clap to applause or even comment to the feed item. This enhances the experience of self expression and interaction.


View a summary of school responses to tickets raised.


This feature allow easy access to information on the platform. One’s search will return results from users, to schools, events, boards and the post feed


View a list of schools and their profiles, contact information and photo gallery. Also see what parents thing of the place through it’s rating and reviews. Such information is key in aiding a parent pick a suitable school for their child. One is also able to receive circular and event notifications and also view created posts and board topics for a given school once they follow it.

Boards and Topics

Create themed boards and start up topics of discussion. Schools and parents can create or join boards and access related topics of discussion with other parents. This feature provides a platform for dialog and a channel of bringing together schools and parents of a similar ideology.

Events and Circulars

View all events and circulars created by schools you follow. Get up to date information and create reminders so that you do not miss out on anything.


Create reminders based on events, circular or custom ones. Make history of forgetting your child’s school programs or needs. The feature allows one to setup dates and time along with frequency of reminder. Your reminders will move with you to all devices you access with your Tunza account.


Having concern on how a school with a school? This feature enables one to create a ticket with your issue and the school will be able to respond to the issue through the same channel. Keep a the ticket open if not satisfied with the followup or close the ticket if one’s issue has been resolved.


View profile information of a person, their posts and topics all in a single space.